Exploring the Edleston Project in Ontario, Canada


Uncovering a nickel target of national significance


3 diamond drill rigs in operation


Samples have demonstrated 97% liberation of nickel


1st world jurisdiction with 1st world infrastructure, services and labour


Nickel fundamentals extremely bullish on EV demand


Aston Minerals Limited (ASX:ASO) is a nickel-cobalt and gold exploration company focused on the exploration of the Edleston Project, Ontario, Canada. Edleston is surrounded by world-class mining projects, and benefits from widely available skilled labour, specialised services, and first world infrastructure, including hydro power.

Aston‘s focus is the Boomerang nickel-cobalt sulphide Target, a dunite/peridotite unit which has undergone extensive serpentinisation. This process has acted to convert olivine to magnetite and brucite, releasing the nickel which is typically partitioned into low sulphur nickel sulphide minerals. Initial analysis shows that 93% of the nickel is liberated using partial digest assaying methods relative to that of total digestion methods. This indicates that there is a very high level of nickel associated with sulphide and alloy minerals relative to that of silicate minerals.

Due to the magnetite association with mineralisation, a 3D inversion model of magnetics has been generated to assist with targeting. This model indicates that Boomerang is a vast target, extending for a strike of ~6,500 metres, a width of 500 to >1,500 metres, and a depth of well over 500 metres.

To date, drill intersections have corroborated the inversion model with a high degree of accuracy, suggesting we are witnessing the emergence of a nickel project of potentially international significance

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