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Aston is immensely grateful to both the Matachewan and Mattagami First Nations communities for their support, which is nothing short of paramount for the long-term success of the project

It’s a pleasure for Matachewan First Nation to work with mineral development companies operating on our traditional territory who respect and acknowledge not only our way of life but also the importance of building a meaningful relationship within the community. We are confident that Aston Minerals will operate using sound environmental practices and that the exploration activities will provide ongoing benefit to the community. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Aston Minerals and advancing the Edleston Project

Mattagami First Nation is happy to be working closely with Aston Minerals towards the next stages of development. Our community is excited to develop a great working relationship and participate fully in the growth of this project. Aston Minerals has done a great job incorporating our values, wishes and needs, and we support this project as we go into the next stages

Positive engagement with local First Nations

Canada boasts long-standing minerals expertise, with extensive technology and mining capabilities, and Strong ESG credentials including abundant clean energy resources.

On 9th December 2022, Canadian government announced the Canada Critical Minerals Policy (CMP), releasing over $3.8bn in funding for critical mineral projects and development.

Three key Government agencies key to engagement are Invest Canada, Global Affairs Canada, and Natural Resources Canada.

The Key objectives of CMP are to:

  • Support economic growth and competitiveness
  • Promote client action and strong environmental management
  • Advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
  • Foster diverse and inclusive workforce and communities
  • Enhance global security and partnership with allies